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Head Instructor/Partner Kru Scott Meier


Kru Scott Meier is Head Instructor and Partner Owner of Itsera Martial Arts and Family Fitness in Niwot, Colorado.  He opened Itsera in January 2011.  Itsera teaches Muay Thai--the Martial Art of Thailand, better known as “the Art of 8 Limbs”.  Kru Meier has over 12 years experience in Martial Arts, both as student and Instructor.  He holds a Black Belt in Tai Kwon Do as well as a Second Degree Black Belt in Muay Thai.


Itsera is home to Martial Arts classes for over 200 students, ages 4 and up.  As Head Instructor, Kru Meier leads and manages a staff of 6 instructors.  Kru Meier developed the Itsera Curriculum which incorporates both his studies Tai Kwon Do and Muay Thai, incorporating Katas (forms), Thai Pad Training, various Martial Arts Combinations, Self-Defense Techniques as well as Sparring Training.  He has studied under Kru Mark DellaGrotte of Sityodtong, USA in Boston, Massachusetts, who is the first American to Instruct Muay Thai in Thailand.  Kru Meier believes that everyone is a Student first and continues to educate himself to further his own knowledge as well as what he can bring back to his students.



 Assistant Head Instructor

Mr. RJ Butler

 RJ Butler has been an Instructor with Kru Meier for 7 yrs now. He has been studying Martial Arts most of his life, taking SHIZEN DO KARATE at a young age. Always eager to learn more,later on he tried other Martial Arts: AIKIDO, BJJ. Although MUAY THAI has been his real passion since then. He is currently working towards a certification in Krav Maga, right now holding a yellow belt rank.



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