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Why we love Itsera.

I walked through the doors of Itsera one day, knowing nothing except that I wanted to try to get fitter and manage my stress.  I knew no one and was definitely daunted.

What I found was a community that lifted me up and supported me, and also a great program for my young son.

I enjoy the variety of Muay Thai, Kickboxing fitness and bootcamps--it's ever-changing, challenging and tailored for me.  For my son, there is great exercise, challenge, structure and discipline in the Juniors program that gives him benefits in fitness  but also with behavior and at school.

My training has made me grow in strength, determination, and agility.  I have made many, many friends, and have been able to set a wonderful example for my son.

Working towards my black belt was an incredible challenge and journey -- one of the things I am most proud of in my life.  I've become someone who likes to push to another level and continually hold myself to a high standard, and I am so grateful to the Itsera program for that.


Since I've been with Mr Meier I lost 30 lbs and kept it off, He has given me the power to be in control of my fitness at a level that I have only dreamed about for years. Itsera is a great community the people who are there have made the commitment to make the effort to take their health seriously. The support you get is unbelievable, you feel like its important to everyone on how you progress. The Muay Thai program I believe is second to none, we work so hard at giving each other the self confidence to take care of our self in any situation and since it's kickboxing, it puts you into supereior shape while teaching you how to defend yourself. The kids program is excellent I see such self confidence in these kids who come here, knowing the respect and self confidence they learn at Itsera will carry them through their lives, and we parents know that self confidence in children leads to a better high school experience and happy adults. I've done a lot of active things in my life -black diamond skier, running regularly,basketball, soccer, but fell in love with kickboxing.I'm 57 years old and in the best shape of my life by far. 

Ed Ruskus (With Mr. Meier since 08')



I was getting ready for my 50th birthday and looked at myself and said,”I need to do something.” I saw an ad for Itsera and decided to go see what they offered. My son and I met with Scott and we were impressed with how nice and helpful he was. The facility had a nice feel to it.  After signing up the adventure began. Everyone was encouraging and was willing to help everyone. My wife and daughter also joined in. I don’t think I ever worked so hard. But it was actually enjoyable with the encouragement of the instructors and the other students. After one year I have lost 50pounds. Gained allot of self confidence as well as some life skills. I now can out do my kids and enjoy a very active lifestyle.     -Jimmy Ratzlaff



It's a good time!  It makes me feel good and stronger and a lot more fit.  The instructors are really nice.  It makes me feel part of a community.  They push you to your limits so you're ready for the next level, and you feel great when you get it.  I am proud of what I've achieved.
   -  Jakob Amirani, age 9
Joining Itsera Fitness has transformed my workouts, my focus and my health!  Fun and challenging, the Kickboxing and Boot Camp classes  will leave you sweating, sore and coming back for more!  The skilled owners/ instructors are truly committed to and successful in creating an amazing atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, safe, and strong.
I can't say enough about the quality and personality of this gym and its people, try it once and you too will be hooked!



The kickboxing fitness classes have been life changing for me, they have taken me way out of my comfort zone and shown me what I’m truly capable of.  In just 45 minutes, I get the most effective, efficient, and challenging full-body workout I’ve ever had.  I’m in great shape and still getting better at age 50.  The instructors are both demanding and supportive, the perfect blend for great results.  As one fellow student put it so well, “After the first class, I felt kinda bad ass!”  It’s great to feel like a strong, powerful and fearless woman as a result of kickboxing.

-Lisa Sarasohn



We love Itsera! My son is in the Little Ninjas program and is so excited to go to each class. Kru Meier is an excellent instructor and roll model for the kis. He keeps kids focused on developing their skills while making learning fun. My son has better listening skills and self confidence because of Itsera. I highly recommend Itsera! - J. Morrin



The two biggest takeaways i got from training at Itsera, and working with Kru Meier and Mr. Butler were centered around attitude and confidence. Humans have the amazing ability to alter their entire lives by simply altering their minds, and i was very weak in that area. 2013 was honestly one of the roughest years of my life, and i was driven to a point where i really didnt believe in myself anymore, and my sister who had a front row seat to this, introduced me to Kru meier and Itsera and it really was beneficial to have someone there who who i could tell in some detail what had happened  in that time span and basically look at me and tell me they believed in me, which gave me a sense in belonging. I felt Itsera is the best place to train because it truly does give you a sense of accomplishment with the belt system. Each class earns you a stripe and it is your own personal proof that you truly are better that day, then you were the day before. At the same time earning your new belt is always the best feeling you can have, you take off your old belt, and you are basically shedding off the old you and putting on the new belt is a way to show the world how much you have grown, physically, personally, and spiritually. I believe that Itsera has the best atmosphere for a person to train, because no matter what level you are at, everyone has been where you are. Whether it is trying to perfect your form on a roundhouse kick, or just trying to find that sense of balance in life, we've all been there which makes it easier for all of us to encourage each other. The simplest things that get said to us on a daily basis whether it is from an instructor or a fellow student is when we tell each other "You can do it Sir/Ma'am" or "Good job Sir/Ma'am." Itsera has been a huge stepping stone for me in my life, and i can truly say that i don't know where i would be today without the Itsera family. - Mr. Vance Brown