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Little Ninjas: Ages 4-7

Itsera’s Life Skills Martial Arts programs are designed to team up with parents to help raise successful kids in life. In our program, kids will learn improved:

  • Focus and Concentration:  Your child will learn how to focus all his/her attention, and commit to learning and growing

  • Discipline: Learning how to have the appropriate self-control, while also learning the importance of setting goals, achieving goals, and never giving up

  • Confidence: Building your child’s self-esteem and giving them a sense of accomplishment, while building their mind, body and spirit

  • Courage:  Learning how to overcome fear or nervousness through training that will carry over to everyday life

  • Coordination:  Continually developing coordination skills through balance, body posture and technique

  • Physical Fitness:  Our Life Skills Martial Arts Program is a great physical outlet to improve your child’s overall health